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My heartfelt thanks to you and your staff

My heartfelt thanks to you and your staff.   One is never prepared for the sudden onset of extreme pain I experienced in my jaw.   The compassionate professional care, accurate diagnosis, and follow-up are the reason I am recovering.  Your touching personal note arrived on a particularly emotional day of pain.  I realized my doctor really cared.   I will be forever thankful.  Have a blessed day.

Martha Siau, Eagle Nest

It's almost unbelievable

I came to Dr. Wartell with severe jaw pain. He made me a splint, and it's almost unbelievable that within a week most of the pain was gone. In two weeks there was no pain at all. 

  —Christine Tafoya, Santa Cruz, NM

... remarkably different experience ...

Your office is a remarkably different experience than most.  From the moment I walked in, it was obvious that your staff  was happy to be there. They are well trained, knowledgeable,  bright, and friendly. They set a new standard for my healthcare  expectations. Congratulations on building a professional team that is extraordinary.

— Colleen  S., Santa Fe


... some of the kindest people I know ...

I would wake up every morning with my shoulders so tight it hurt to relax them. Headaches, and shortly thereafter migraines if I wasn't careful, were always soon to follow. Something had to give. Dr. Wartell's office helped me find the answer. With his and his team's knowledge and expertise they were able to find me the right appliance, or mouth guard, to keep me from having to climb down from the ceiling every morning. I have no more headaches and wake feeling relaxed and happy. The staff there are wonderful as well, some of the kindest people I know, and many of them have been through their own TMJ issues and are able to understand what your going through. I would recommend making an appointment there to anyone suffering the effects of jaw clenching or teeth grinding, any type of TMJ problems really, any day. Thank you so much guys! 


Sara Rogers, Abiquiu

You've changed my life.

I have spent the last 10 years in pain and discomfort, waking every single morning with an excruciating headache.  I’ve been taking ibuprofen several times a day, every day, for years.  I’ve even had trouble sleeping and eating for most of that time.  I’ve had dentists tell me to see a doctor, and doctors tell me to see a dentist.  I’ve had a difficult time finding anyone to treat my problems.  Then I found Dr. Wartell and his team.  They took time to listen to me, to understand exactly where my pain was and even how it was affecting my quality of life.  The appliance they made specifically for me and my problems has eliminated almost all my pain in only 2 weeks.  I can’t believe it!  I’m thrilled with my new appliance and my new life!  Thank you Dr. Wartell, and your entire staff.  You’ve changed my life.

Janis Allen, Albuquerque

After my initial visit I was pain free.

I had been suffering with headaches for about 2½ months before I went to Dr. Wartell.  After my initial visit, I was pain free.  I was given a laser treatment that really did the trick.  I returned for a followup visit.  I had another laser treatment.  It helped before I even left his office.  I will recommend this treatment to anyone that mentions that they have pain.

—Chris Garcia, Ribera

They have always been so accommodating

My experience with Dr. Wartell and his entire staff has been very pleasant. Pat is wonderful. They are all so professional and very nice. I travel in from out of town and they have always been so accommodating. Thanks.

Pauline Sanchez

Dr. Wartell has done wonders.

Dr. Wartell has done wonders. Nobody knows what the pain was like - a constant pain in my left jaw and clear across my front teeth. I was going to have a crown yanked out and start pulling teeth. I didn't realize what was causing the pain! Now I have hardly any pain and no jaw locking after just one month using a splint. I thought I'd never be able to bite into apples again.

Eileen Fellows, Santa Fe

I am grateful for finding Dr. Wartell

I am grateful for finding Dr. Wartell. When I met him my whole face hurt constantly. Now I'm on the road to recovery, and have minimal pain. I would recommend him to everyone.

—Joan Duran-Kuck, Rio Rancho

I couldn't believe how quickly I could get well!

It's amazing... I couldn't believe how quickly I could get well!

Shona Stack, Santa Fe

...a huge difference in my life.

I've tried many different things, but nothing has helped relieve my jaw pain until this lower splint. You have already made a huge difference in my life.

Karen Spehar, Santa Fe

It's amazing!

It's amazing! My pain went away and my jaw stopped clicking when I wore the dental splint.

Dorothy Zamora

...I am forever grateful.

Dear Dr, Wartell, Pat and Staff,

This is a very overdue note of appreciation for all that you have done for me. There is not a day that passes that I do not think about what a difference meeting you has made to my life. I am still working on correcting my bite but mainly I am able to sleep soundly and I am not experiencing the pain that I was when I first met you. For your kindness and generosity for helping me when I needed it most I am forever grateful.

Thank you.

Anna Bateman

...pain free for the first time in years.

In February of 2011, I was referred to Dr. Robert Wartell of the Center for Dental Medicine by my regular dentist for the treatment of my severe TMJ problem. From my very first contact I was impressed by both the professionalism and personal courtesy of Dr. Wartell and his staff. The initial consultation included a very thorough questionnaire and interview. I felt that he was considering all the factors that would contribute to and stem from my TMJ problem and that he was working “with me” to assure good results.

Over the last four months Dr. Wartell and his staff have consistently listened to my questions and concerns and addressed each issue promptly and with unfailing courtesy and understanding. I have seen consistent improvement in my condition and with the use of two small “splints” have really begun to be pain free for the first time in years.

My experience with Dr. Wartell had been one of the most pleasant and helpful I have ever had with the medical profession and I would highly recommend his office to anyone who suffers from TMJ.

Andrea K., Santa Fe

...a life-altering experience.

Seeing Dr. Wartell for chronic TMJ pain was a life-altering experience. Who would have thought that a tiny piece of plastic would be able to have such a profound effect on all areas of my life? Thank you, Dr. Wartell for your comprehensive and effective care.

D. Ceres, Santa Fe

... in the same bed again with my wife.

The oral sleep device enabled me to actually sleep in the same bed again with my wife. My snoring was sooo bad that I had to sleep on the couch until Dr. Wartell fitted me with the device. It is far better than the CPAP machine for me as I don’t get “caught up” in all of the tubes and bulky headgear.

—Mark Durham, Santa Fe of the finest professionals...

I can easily say you have been one of the finest professionals I have ever worked with.  There were no limits to your care, concern, education and strict attention to detail.  Your craftsmanship is of the highest caliber.  You were always willing to walk the extra mile in an effort make sure my dental device was comfortable and effective.  My experience throughout this whole process was easy, pleasant, and informative.  In addition your technicians were equally adept and Pat up front was a tremendous help in scheduling and answering questions. If I can ever be a reference for you please don't hesitate to give a prospective client my email address or phone number.  I would be happy to share my experience.

Richard Barr, Santa Fe

...wonderful experience...

I was referred to Dr. Wartell for treatment of TMJ, and so began my wonderful experience with him and his helpful staff. I was amazed at how comfortable he and his staff made me feel from day one until the end of my treatment.

After so many years of going to doctors for various reasons, I have never encountered the special care he and his staff give their patients! Dr. Wartell takes on only so many patients a day thus enabling him to pay more personal attention to their concerns. This really impressed me, being that the majority of doctors today all seem so hurried.

As a result, it is without reservation that I recommend the services of Dr. Wartell and his wonderful staff.

Lenora Chavez, Los Alamos

I've lost weight and I'm happier.

Other people have even noticed that I'm feeling better. I've lost weight and I'm happier.

—Roberta Garcia after using her oral sleep appliance:

I have more energy...

I have more energy since wearing the oral sleep appliance and I don't feel so sluggish.
I don't wake my partner anymore. She doesn't have to go into another room to sleep.

—Paul Martinez

..slept better than I have in a very long time.

I slept better than I have in a very long time. I finally know what it means to feel refreshed.

Lynn Chick after wearing her oral sleep appliance the first night:

I love this appliance!

I was fitted with an oral sleep appliance by Dr. Wartell and 3 weeks later I am feeling 70% - 80% better than before the appliance. I love this appliance! I wake up feeling more refreshed and energized. I sleep more solidly than I did prior to wearing the appliance. I want to spread the word and let people know what a good experience this has been.

Diego Sisneros, Santa Fe

You have lifted a huge weight off of me...

After years of suffering with terrible jaw pain and agonizing facial pain Dr. Wartell created what I call my "PDS" peace-delivery system. The new splint has stabilized my jaw and allowed me to relax at night, which has instantly soothed my facial and jaw pain. He has put stillness into my joints by creating a double-decker splint that prohibits my dreaded grinding! Thank you so much Dr. Wartell, Marcy, and Pat! Since I was a teen I have searched for help for this problem using mouth guards from sports, splints from the dentist, and over-the-counter splints from the drugstore. Without a doubt my "PDS" is the only one to have worked and the change has been immediate! You have lifted a huge weight off of me by removing this pain and letting my joints relax and heal. The circles under my eyes are disappearing, my sleep is deeper and more restful, and I feel more awake and energized during the day! Thank you so much.

Elizabeth, Santa Fe

It is amazing the results I have got...

Dear Doctor Wartell, I just wanted to drop you a note, to let you know how pleased I am with the progress I have made with the problem with my jaw bone. As you know I have been wearing a mouth piece you made for me, both during the day and one you made me for night use. It is amazing the results I have got, not only has the locking on my right side of jaw all but gone, but also the cracking in my jaw bone, all this in just a matter of months of wearing the mouth pieces. Thanks for all your help with this problem.

Robert Lopas, Santa Fe

...amazed at how quickly I felt relief.

I am amazed at how quickly I felt relief. After nearly 20 years, and numerous doctor visits for ear, nose, and throat, for acupuncture, and for physical therapy.

Judith Flores, Santa Fe appointment was wonderful

The kindness and thorough attention I received at my appointment was wonderful, I wish all of my medical experiences could be the same. Dr. Wartell and staff have definitely set higher standards- Thank you!

Daniela Gurulé, Santa Fe

I sleep through the night...

I was surprised and very pleased at how quickly my jaw relaxed after using the oral appliance for just a few weeks. Today I sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. No more headaches, neck pain or jaw pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Wartell for his insightful treatment. I have never enjoyed a visit to a dentist as much as I have with him. The only downside to my rehabilitation is that I no longer get to see Dr. Wartell and Pat!

Neena Paul, Santa Fe

...a miracle to be pain free.

I have lived with neck pain, stiff neck, jaw pain and headaches all of my life. My first TMJ diagnosis was in 1981. I have worn several different mouth pieces prescribed by my dentists along with tons of ibuprofen and massage, but my condition has continued to deteriorate as I age. When I read the article in the newspaper that Dr. Robert Wartell was quitting dentistry to specialize in TMJ and dental sleep, I thought just maybe you could help me. From the receptionist, to your assistant that took the x-rays until I met with you, Dr Wartell, I felt like someone really listened and cared about my condition. You had the x-rays on the computer immediately and you were able to show me what was causing my pain. All this started August 17, 2011. After wearing my new mouthpiece, several adjustments from Dr Perlstein and using topical ointment (a jar of ibuprofen cream and later a prescription ointment prescribed by Dr. Perlstein) I met with you again on November 7, 2011. I think I surprised you because I was so happy that I told you it was a miracle to be pain free. I understand that it will take a long time for my jaw to heal but being PAIN FREE for the first time in many, many years is unbelievable to me. My whole life has changed being PAIN FREE. I have more energy - I feel young again !

Barbara Vail, Santa Fe

...pain free

Dr. Wartell, Pat and Staff—let me start off by thanking you for being CARING, ACCOMMODATING & AMAZING!! For the past 26 years I have suffered from severe headaches, facial, jaw, neck, shoulder and back pain due to a car accident. In my quest to find pain relief, I have been seen by numerous dentists, specialists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and have worn many mouth pieces. What I found was temporary relief, and in some cases I felt worse. Not having an appointment I walked into Dr. Wartell's office, explained my situation and he offered to have x-rays done immediately, then took the time to sit down with me to review the x-rays and talk about a plan to get me to a comfortable state. Just days after wearing my new mouthpiece, I went from comfort to pain free.

Deirdre Espinoza, Santa Cruz, NM

I am so happy!

I am so happy! I had severe jaw pain for six years, and nothing helped, even after seeing many doctors. Dr. Wartell gave me an orthotic 3 weeks ago, and I don't even need to take pain medication any more. Not only that, but he designed the orthotic to reduce my snoring also, and my son tells me that my snoring got very mild. He used to have to use ear plugs and keep his bedroom door closed so he wouldn't hear me. Now he doesn't have to do that.

Beatrice DuBois, Santa Fe, NM