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...pain free

Dr. Wartell, Pat and Staff—let me start off by thanking you for being CARING, ACCOMMODATING & AMAZING!! For the past 26 years I have suffered from severe headaches, facial, jaw, neck, shoulder and back pain due to a car accident. In my quest to find pain relief, I have been seen by numerous dentists, specialists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and have worn many mouth pieces. What I found was temporary relief, and in some cases I felt worse. Not having an appointment I walked into Dr. Wartell's office, explained my situation and he offered to have x-rays done immediately, then took the time to sit down with me to review the x-rays and talk about a plan to get me to a comfortable state. Just days after wearing my new mouthpiece, I went from comfort to pain free.

Deirdre Espinoza, Santa Cruz, NM