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...a miracle to be pain free.

I have lived with neck pain, stiff neck, jaw pain and headaches all of my life. My first TMJ diagnosis was in 1981. I have worn several different mouth pieces prescribed by my dentists along with tons of ibuprofen and massage, but my condition has continued to deteriorate as I age. When I read the article in the newspaper that Dr. Robert Wartell was quitting dentistry to specialize in TMJ and dental sleep, I thought just maybe you could help me. From the receptionist, to your assistant that took the x-rays until I met with you, Dr Wartell, I felt like someone really listened and cared about my condition. You had the x-rays on the computer immediately and you were able to show me what was causing my pain. All this started August 17, 2011. After wearing my new mouthpiece, several adjustments from Dr Perlstein and using topical ointment (a jar of ibuprofen cream and later a prescription ointment prescribed by Dr. Perlstein) I met with you again on November 7, 2011. I think I surprised you because I was so happy that I told you it was a miracle to be pain free. I understand that it will take a long time for my jaw to heal but being PAIN FREE for the first time in many, many years is unbelievable to me. My whole life has changed being PAIN FREE. I have more energy - I feel young again !

Barbara Vail, Santa Fe