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You have lifted a huge weight off of me...

After years of suffering with terrible jaw pain and agonizing facial pain Dr. Wartell created what I call my "PDS" peace-delivery system. The new splint has stabilized my jaw and allowed me to relax at night, which has instantly soothed my facial and jaw pain. He has put stillness into my joints by creating a double-decker splint that prohibits my dreaded grinding! Thank you so much Dr. Wartell, Marcy, and Pat! Since I was a teen I have searched for help for this problem using mouth guards from sports, splints from the dentist, and over-the-counter splints from the drugstore. Without a doubt my "PDS" is the only one to have worked and the change has been immediate! You have lifted a huge weight off of me by removing this pain and letting my joints relax and heal. The circles under my eyes are disappearing, my sleep is deeper and more restful, and I feel more awake and energized during the day! Thank you so much.

Elizabeth, Santa Fe