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... some of the kindest people I know ...

I would wake up every morning with my shoulders so tight it hurt to relax them. Headaches, and shortly thereafter migraines if I wasn't careful, were always soon to follow. Something had to give. Dr. Wartell's office helped me find the answer. With his and his team's knowledge and expertise they were able to find me the right appliance, or mouth guard, to keep me from having to climb down from the ceiling every morning. I have no more headaches and wake feeling relaxed and happy. The staff there are wonderful as well, some of the kindest people I know, and many of them have been through their own TMJ issues and are able to understand what your going through. I would recommend making an appointment there to anyone suffering the effects of jaw clenching or teeth grinding, any type of TMJ problems really, any day. Thank you so much guys! 


Sara Rogers, Abiquiu