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How we do it

How we help people in pain.

We begin with gathering information. We ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire, and we get copies of records, including x-rays and MRIs that have been done at the request of other doctors. When you are in the office, we will thoroughly discuss the history of your problem, and other possible medical and dental factors that could be involved.

Unless you have current x-rays or MRIs that show all of the areas that are involved in diagnosing your problem, we will take x-rays of the necessary areas. We may take digital photographs. We may refer you for MRIs or CT x-rays.

This will be followed by a physical evaluation that will include the muscles of your head and neck, your temporomandibular joints, your jaw movements, your teeth and gums, and the way your teeth come together.

We are usually, but not always, able to make a diagnosis at this initial appointment. We will then be able to discuss recommended treatment, possible referrals for treatment, and possible options in treatment. We will be able to discuss the costs of treatment, and what you may expect to experience during and after treatment. As in any medical treatment, results cannot be guaranteed.

Call us

If you are here to learn if your pain might be TMD, we are happy to answer by phone any questions you may have. Call us at 505-474-4644.

If you would like to make an appointment, we feel it is best to do so by phone. Computerized appointment systems try to make you fit the system. We try our best to fit your needs.