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How we do it

We make removable dental splints that increase the opening of your airway. Depending on your specific needs, our splints can move your jaw forward, open your jaw, move your tongue forward, or all of these together.

We start with an evaluation

Your teeth, gums, and jaws must be healthy enough to hold the dental splint in place, so we begin with an evaluation of them. This includes X-rays to see if there are hidden problems that can interfere with the results of your splint. We place nothing in your mouth for the X-rays, so this is totally comfortable and quick. Patients tell us that these are the easiest dental X-Rays they have ever had. Our special X-ray machine uses far less radiation than any other method.

Then we determine what position of your jaw and tongue will be best to solve your problem. We take impressions of your teeth so that we can make the splint you need.

Placing the splint

We place the splint on your teeth at the next appointment, and teach you to place and remove it. We tell you how to care for it and give you ideas on what to expect when wearing it. To see the size and appearance of a typical splint click here.

In about a week, we have you come in for a follow-up to see how you are getting along with the splint. We make any adjustments that you need, and see you again after about two more weeks. We continue adjusting the splint until you reach your maximum medical improvement.
Measuring the results

If you have obstructive sleep apnea, we don't just give you the splint and say goodbye. We want to know if the splint is doing its job of increasing your oxygen levels while sleepng. We lend you a pulse-oximeter, a small device to measure the oxygen levels in your body while you are sleeping. Without this measurement, we cannot know if the splint is doing its job. You do this very easily and comfortably at home by sleeping with a small pulse-oximeter on your wrist, and a sensor on the tip of your finger.

If your oxygen levels are too low, we make adjustments in your splint and have you test with the pulse-oximeter, until you are getting enough oxygen.

We send copies of the reports to your physician so they can consult with you about the effectiveness of your splint therapy. We have excellent working relationships with all certified sleep physicians in the Santa Fe area.

You may not be able to be helped by a dental splint.

Some people have conditions that do not respond to dental splint therapy. They must use a CPAP to be healthy. Unfortunately, we cannot tell in advance who cannot be helped, and must go through the entire procedure before we learn this. If this happens to you, we will refer you back to your physician for CPAP therapy. The fee we charge you is for providing the service. There is no refund if your body does not respond as desired.

Call us

If you are not sure you would like an appointment, we are happy to answer by phone any questions you may have. Call us at 505-474-4644.